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Not Your Average Steakhouse

Small Plates

Chicken Drummies Six chicken drummies prepared by the Gauchos, served with a celery-ranch dip and our House BBQ dip. Choose from traditional or hot.
Brazilian Nachos (large enough to share) Tortilla chips made in-House, quick fried, smothered with a rich house cheese blend, Feijoada (black beans and meat), garnished with chives, pico and sour cream.
Zesty Shrimp Gratin Three roasted shrimp over a yuca root, parmesan cheese, and pico. Served with toasted bread points.
Empanadas A couple of savory meat and cheese stuffed pastries served with cilantro, sour cream and jicama slaw.
Bacon Wrapped Loin Tips Rotisseried Beef loin tips wrapped in Bacon, served with a side of celery and House Ranch dipping sauce.
Samba Scallops Three seared scallops served on a bleu cheese sauce, topped with crumbled bacon and cilantro.
Sweet and Salty Bites Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with cheese.
Merry Marrow A beef bone seasoned and baked, served with toast points.
Carnaval Fish Tacos Three Mahi-Mahi fish, soft, tacos topped with cabbage, fresh salsa and citrus crema.